Happy Grandparents' Day to our eSmart Tax Community! This day is about celebrating family, no matter how far they live from you. If you're looking for ideas on how to celebrate, The Daily Deduction has a few budget-friendly suggestions.


  1. Call your grandparents and relatives just to remind them that you love them.
  2. Get together and make a dish (check us out on Pinterest for suggestions!). Enter the kitchen with the intention to learn something new!
  3. Weather permitting, go outside and have a picnic.
  4. Have each child make a card for each family member and make special trips to hand-deliver each.  You could make a game out of the car ride--or if it is convenient, use a method of transportation that you do not normally take to get to the Grandparents' home (take a train, railway, bus).
  5. If you and your family are musically inclined, have members of your family learn how to play a song that is special to your Grandparents (this may be their wedding song, a popular song that they like, or a song they always sang to you.)
  6. Get together for game night! Board games or a deck of cards works well. You could always turn your family's favorite activity into a game (My family LOVES karaoke!)
  7. Create a family collage of pictures for the grandparents to  hang in their home  Make a special trip to deliver it.
  8. Ask everyone to write down their favorite things about each grandparent. Print out a picture of the family to frame it.  Paste everyone's responses around the picture.