Tax season is typically a stressful time.  With the pressure of deadlines and tax liabilities behind us, we can take a minute to relax and take in the wonderful things that income tax does for us as individuals and as a country. Many are counting their blessings today and here is eSmart Tax’s list of the blessings from income tax:

  1. Income tax money is used to pay for public education. Thanks to income from taxes, America is able to offer more than 55.2 million children (source) a free Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade education.
  2. Income tax money is used for the benefit of science, technology, and space.  After all, without income taxes to fund government programs, the tubes for the internets would never have been discovered.
  3. Income tax money is used to give military families their benefits, including the upcoming sea pay raises for the Navy and the Marines this summer. While many believe that it’s been long enough, major key factors and timing came in to play to score this great advancement for the committed servicemen and women. We’re one-step closer to giving the military the hard-earned rewards that they deserve for their continued sacrifices.
  4. Revenue from income tax pays for natural resources, energy, and environmental research and development. This money allows for management of protection initiatives, energy assets, and sustainability of conservation efforts.
  5. Revenue from your income tax dollars funds federal jobs and makes it possible for the U.S. government to offer nearly 3 million federal jobs to the workforce.  The tax preparation industry alone offers 1.2 million jobs in addition to the federal jobs offered.  Find out how you can get involved in the tax preparation industry.