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Use eSmart Tax to prepare and efile your Colorado state tax return. Our easy-to-use system will help you finish the forms that are required by the Colorado department of Revenue for your CO state taxes. You can prepare and efile your full-year resident Colorado state tax return and your federal tax return at the same time!

The regular due date for filing your Colorado state taxes is April 15.

On this page, you will find information about Colorado state tax forms, state tax filing instructions, and Colorado department of Revenue information.

eSmart Tax supports the following Colorado Tax Forms
Supported   Colorado Form 104
Individual Income Tax Return  
Supported   Colorado Form 104CR
Credits - for Individuals  
Supported   Colorado Form DR 0900
Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher  
Supported   Colorado Form DR 8453
State of Colorado Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing  
  And More
Signature Form
Form Name:   Instructions:  
DR-8454 Do not mail in DR-8454. Keep it for your own record.
State CO Website and Contacts
State Website   http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/Revenue/REVX/1176842266433  
Taxpayer Assistance:   (303) 238-7378
Refund Status:   (303) 238-3278
TTY Assistance:   1-800-659-2656
Check Refund Status Online:   https://www.colorado.gov/revenueonline/#2  
Availability:   Type:   Notes:  
Supported State assigned Only required for PC filers. eSmartTax users are not required to obtain a PIN.
State CO Amount Owe Payment Option
You have the following options to pay your tax:
    1. Mail in a check.
      You need to attach Payment Voucher (Form DR 0900)

      Mail check to:
      Colorado Department of Revenue
      Denver, CO 80261-0008

    2. Online Tax Payment

      No matter how a Colorado personal income tax return is filed, electronically or onpaper, taxpayers can pay tax owed through the Colorado Online Tax Payment service. And individuals filing their tax returns via the Colorado NetFile online tax filing system have the option while they're in NetFile to pay their tax electronically using a Visa, MasterCard or electronic check.

      To make an electronic payment, users simply complete their filing through the NetFile system and select the online payment link. Or, visit the Colorado Online Tax Payment (https://www.colorado.gov/apps/dor/tax/netfile/welcome.jsf ) service. Either way, taxpayers will be asked to provide basic information to process the payment and submit the transaction. All payments are processed by Colorado.gov's secure payment processing software and can be made using a credit card or electronic check. In most cases, the payment information is processed by the Department of Revenue and applied to the taxpayer's account within 24 hours. There is an administrative processing feeto usethis service.The feeis the amount due plus $ .75 multiplied by 2.25%. However, if you choose to pay with cash in the form of an eCheck, the administrative processing fee is discounted to $1.00 per transaction. This fee is paid to a third party that provides these services forColorado.gov.

    3. Payment Plan

      How do I make installment payment arrangements?
      File your income tax return on or before the April 15th filing deadline. Include on the paper or electronic return the amount you owe. Pay as much as you canof the amount you owe by the filing deadline. The 'Amount You Owe' on your individual income tax return is your first balance due notice.
      Bills will start to be mailed in early July. When youreceivethe second notice,yourbilling information is in our computer system and you may set upanAgreement to Pay. There are three methods of setting up an installment plan.
      1. Use our Income Tax Account Information ( https://www.myincometax.state.co.us/index.asp ) service.
      2. Use our IVR system at (303) 238-FAST (3278).
      3. Contact our Call Center at (303) 238-7378.

If you want to start making payments on your account prior to receiving the bill, you can mail in your payment attached to your Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher (DR 0900) which is included in the Colorado 104 booklet. Make sure you put your social security number (write the primary social security number if it is a joint filing) on the bottom of your payment check and the tax year to which the payment applies.

State CO Overpayment Option
You have the following options:
  1. Apply your refund amount to next year's tax payment.
  2. Contribute your refund amount to charity.
  3. Receive your refund by check through mail.
  4. Receive your refund by direct deposit to your bank account.
Special Processing
Type:   Availability:  
State-only tax return: Supported
Decedent return: Supported
Return with foreign address: Supported