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    eSmart Tax makes it easy for you to prepare and efile your VA state tax return. Our quick interview process will ask you questions to help you complete your Virginia state tax return fast. You can prepare and efile your full-year resident Virginia state tax return and your federal tax return at the same time!

    TThe regular due date for filing your Virginia state taxes is May 1.

    On this page, find information about Virginia state tax forms, Virginia state tax filing instructions, Virginia government information, and other helpful resources.

    eSmart Tax supports the following Virginia Tax Forms (Click here to download Virginia tax forms)
    Supported   Virginia Form 760CG
    Resident Income  
    Supported   Virginia Form 760PMT
    Payment Voucher  
    Supported   Virginia Schedule 760 ADJ/CG
    Schedule of Adjustments for Residents
    Including Part 2
    State VA Website and Contacts
    State Website  
    Taxpayer Assistance:   (804) 367-8031
    Refund Status (Automated Responses:   (804) 367-2486
    Check Refund Status Online:  
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    Liberty eSpecial  
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    Supported Same as federal N/A
    State VA Overpayment Option
    You have the following options:
    1. Apply your refund amount to next year's tax payment.
    2. Contribute your refund amount to charity.
    3. Receive your refund by check through mail.
    4. Receive your refund by direct deposit to your bank account.
    State VA Amount Owe Payment Option
    You have the following options to pay your tax:
    1. Mail in a check.
      You need to attach Payment Voucher (Form Form 760-PMT )

      Mail check to:
      VA Department of Taxation
      P.O. Box 1478
      Richmond, VA 23218-1478
    2. Send e-payment through state website.
    3. To pay by credit card, call 1-800-2PAY-TAX or visit Official Payments For phone and online payments, enter the Virginia jurisdiction code (1080) when prompted.
    4. If you can't pay the full balance due with my income tax return, pay as much as you can to reduce penalty and interest charges. Once you receive a bill for the remaining balance due, contact our Teleplan service at (804) 440-5100, or a Service Representative at (804) 367-8031 to set up an installment payment plan. If you are able to make payments before the bill is issued, be sure to write your social security number and the tax year on each check, and mail it to the Virginia Department of Taxation, PO Box 2369, Richmond, VA 23218-2369.
    Special Processing
    Type:   Availability:  
    State-only tax return: Supported
    Decedent Return: Not Supported
    Return with foreign address: Not Supported