Iowa Form Ia 8453-Ind Instructions

The Department has adopted the PIN signature alternative as implemented by the IRS. The purpose of the IA 8453-IND is twofold: it gives authorization for the return originator to file on the taxpayer's behalf and it serves as authentication of the return.

The IA 8453-IND must be completed and signed before transmission of the return can take place. Attach to the IA 8453-IND:

  • State copies of W-2 forms
  • A copy of other state tax return(s), if the IA 130 was completed or the Iowa/Illinois reciprocal was claimed.

Enter the name(s), Social Security Number(s), and address at the top of the form.

Complete Part I, Tax Return Information, using amounts from the Iowa income tax return.

Part II - Declaration of Taxpayer

  1. Verify the accuracy of the tax return.
  2. Ensure the following information related to the financial institution account is correct
    • Routing Number
    • Account Number
    • Type of account (checking or savings)
    • Debit amount, if applicable
    • Debit date, if applicable
  3. Read, sign, and date the form.
  4. Return the completed form to the ERO or paid preparer, unless self-prepared. If self-prepared, retain the IA 8453-IND.

NOTE: The IA 8453-IND should be retained for three years from the due date or filing date, whichever is later.

Part III - Declaration of Electronic Return Originator (ERO) and Paid Preparer

This section is completed only if the return is filed through an ERO or paid preparer.

  • Complete Part III, Declaration of ERO and Paid Preparer.
  • Provide the taxpayer with a copy of the signed IA 8453-IND or corrected IA 8453-IND, if changes were made.
  • Provide the taxpayer with a signed copy of the tax return, including all attachments.
  • Retain the IA 8453-IND and all attachments for three years from the due date or filing date, whichever is later.