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Kansas Form K-40V Instructions

Print your name, address, Social Security number, and the first four letters of your last name in the spaces provided. If you are filing a joint return, print your spouse's name, Social Security number, and first four letters of their last name in the spaces provided. If your name or address information has changed since last year, be sure to mark the "Name or Address Change" box with "X".

Make your check or money order payable to "Kansas Income Tax" for the full amount of your tax due. Be sure your Social Security number is printed on your check or money order. If payment is not made on or before April 15, 2014, the tax due is subject to penalty and interest.

If you are filing an extension of time to file your return, mark the appropriate box with "X". Note that an extension of time is an extension to file, NOT an extension to pay.

Do not attach the payment voucher or payment to your return or to each other. Place them loosely in the envelope with your return. If you have already mailed your return, or you filed electronically and didn't pay electronically, mail your payment and the voucher to:

TOPEKA KS 66612-1588