Missouri Form Mo-1040V Instructions

What Is Form MO-1040V and Why Should I Use It?

Form MO-1040V , Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher, is the voucher you send with your payment when you have an amount due on your income tax return. It is similar to vouchers returned with loan, utility, and credit card payments. Form MO-1040V ensures that your payment will be processed more efficiently and accurately. In addition, Form MO-1040V allows you to file your completed income tax return and send your payment at a later date. Your income tax return and payment are due no later than April 15, 2014.

When Should I Use Form MO-1040V?

If you have an amount due on an electronically filed return, or do not submit payment in full when you file your income tax return, send Form MO-1040V with your payment. DO NOT use Form MO-1040V for making extension payments. Please use Form MO-60, or visit our website to pay online.

How Do I Fill In the Payment Voucher?

Complete the name(s) and address block. Use the label from the front cover of your book if the address information on the label is correct.

Line 1 - Enter your social security number (SSN) on Line 1. If you are filing a combined return, enter on Line 1 the first SSN as shown on your return.

Line 2 - Enter the first four letters of your last name on Line 2. See examples.

John Brown BROW
Juan DeJesus DEJE
Joan A. Lee LEE
Jean McCarty MCCA
John O'Neill ONEI
Pedro Torres-Lopes TORR

Line 3- If you are filing a combined return, enter on Line 3 your spouse's SSN.

Line 4 - Enter the first four letters of your spouse's last name on Line 4. See examples for Line 2, above.

Line 5 - Enter the amount of your payment in whole dollars on Line 5.

How Do I Make My Payment?

  • Make your check or money order payable to the "Missouri Department of Revenue." Do not send cash (U.S. funds only). Do not postdate your check; it will be cashed upon receipt. The Department of Revenue may collect checks returned for insufficient or uncollected funds electronically.
  • Write your name, address, SSN, daytime telephone number, and "2013 MO Income Tax" on your check or money order.
  • Detach the payment voucher at the perforation, and mail with your payment.
  • Please mail your Form MO-1040V and payment to:

    Missouri Department of Revenue
    P.O. Box 371
    Jefferson City, MO 65105-0371


Please print as shown below in black or dark blue ink. Do not use red ink or pencil.

Federal Privacy Notice

The Federal Privacy Act requires the Missouri Department of Revenue (Department) to inform taxpayers of the Department's legal authority for requesting identifying information, including social security numbers, and to explain why the information is needed and how the information will be used.

Chapter 143 of the Missouri Revised Statutes authorizes the Department to request information necessary to carry out the tax laws of the state of Missouri. Federal law 42 U.S.C. Section 405 (c)(2)(C) authorizes the states to require taxpayers to provide social security numbers.

The Department uses your social security number to identify you and process your tax returns and other documents, to determine and collect the correct amount of tax, to ensure you are complying with the tax laws, and to exchange tax information with the Internal Revenue Service, other states, and the Multistate Tax Commission (Chapters 32 and 143, RSMo). In addition, statutorily provided non-tax uses are: (1) to provide information to the Department of Higher Education with respect to applicants for financial assistance under Chapter 173, RSMo and (2) to offset refunds against amounts due to a state agency by a person or entity (Chapter 143, RSMo). Information furnished to other agencies or persons shall be used solely for the purpose of administering tax laws or the specific laws administered by the person having the statutory right to obtain it [as indicated above]. In addition, information may be disclosed to the public regarding the name of a tax credit recipient and the amount issued to such recipient (Chapter 135, RSMo). (For the Department's authority to prescribe forms and to require furnishing of social security numbers, see Chapters 135, 143, and 144, RSMo.)

You are required to provide your social security number on your tax return. Failure to provide your social security number or providing a false social security number may result in criminal action against you.