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Virginia Form 760-Pmt Instructions


If you file your return electronically, pay your tax online through e-File. It is the fastest, most efficient way to pay the tax due. Visit our website at for additional information.

  • If you filed a 2013 Form 760, Form 760PY or Form 763 and owe tax, but did not send in your payment with the return, use this form to send in your payment on or before the due date.
  • This form can be used to make a payment for taxable year 2013 electronic or paper returns.
  • Please do not send a paper copy of your return with your payment. If a paper copy of the return is sent, the payment will not be properly posted to the account.

Complete the Payment Coupon by including the following information:

  • Your Social Security Number and Spouse's Social Security Number (if filing a joint return). This must match the information on your return.
  • Your name and spouse's name (if filing a joint return), address, and phone number.
  • The amount of the enclosed payment.
  • Make sure that your Social Security Number is written on the check. Mail your payment and the payment coupon below to:
  • Virginia Department of Taxation
    P. O. Box 1478
    Richmond, VA 23218-1478

  • Due Date: Please note that if your full payment is not postmarked by May 1, 2014, you will be sent a bill for tax, penalty and interest. For additional information visit: or call (804) 367-8031.