A Money Tree

To learn about money, kids have to first be able to count it.This fun game features a funny, friendly tree that drops coins. The objective of the game is to collect as many coins in your barrel as possible. Children will learn to recognize coins and their value.

My Piggy Bank

This application features high-quality graphics that can help your preschooler or first grader learn how to count coins.

The Kids Money Box (also available on Android)

The Kids Money Box makes giving allowances for chores easy on parents and tracking allowance expenditures easy for the kids.


Track allowances for everyone in the family with iAllowance.  This app also helps you give non-monetary rewards for chores (with a unique progress bar to show how much a child has earned), deduct money for purchases, and show graphs of how children allocate their money.

Kids Money

This app helps children set savings goals and figure out how they need to save.