Now that the last of the tree ornaments have been tucked away into the garage, it's time to think about ways to get back on track with your expenses. Experiencing some after-holiday relief not only means taking a break from sweets and other baked goods.  It may mean a slight makeover of your budget and lifestyle choices.  While it may take some time to get back into more conscientious spending and enjoy your after holiday relief, it can be a smoother transition into the new year with some helpful tips:

First Thing Is First - Keep Track of Your Expenses for a Month. 

You will easily see where your money is flowing freely out of your wallet.  By making note of every expenditure on a daily basis, you will gradually be able to determine what is truly useful or not and get some after-holiday relief that you deserve.  This way, you will have an opportunity down the road to cut back on after-holiday relief purchases that seem frivolous.  You can use something as simple as carrying a small notebook with you.  There are a few apps you can download on your smartphone or tablet to help you stay organized.

Another useful tip is to refrain from eating out as much as possible.  It may be tempting to hop in the coffee shop for a quick latte or grab a sandwich on a lunch break.   However, with a little planning ahead of time, one can avoid the tendency to eat out.  You also have the added bonus of eating more healthy foods and losing a few holiday pounds!  You will feel the after holiday relief once you make those reductions.

Here are some other helpful tips to consider:

  • Reduce the thermostat.  Have you considered saving money on your electric bill every month by reducing your thermostat and wearing extra layers of clothing in your home?  Through making this little change, you can do your part for the environment while also finding after holiday relief for your budget.
  • Take advantage of after holiday relief deals in your favorite department stores.  Shop for things you need after the prices have been slashed dramatically such as clothing and appliances. Avoid the crowds as much as possible to minimize unnecessary stress levels.
  • Compare prices at the grocery store and use coupons generously.  Take some time to scout out places that have reductions and savings in food prices.  Make it a habit to clip out coupons and use them when you shop.  You can find a wide array of coupons online as well.
  • Remember that you can easily take control of your budget after the holiday season.  By being aware of your lifestyle choices, you can bring in the new year with a sense of greater ease.