The IRS is about to keep $917 million that belongs to 984,400 people who have not filed a 2009 tax return.  Those non-filers have until April 15 to claim their refund. If the IRS does not have the 2009 federal tax return by April 15, the Treasury will keep the refund. There are no extensions on the deadline.The IRS has a list at by state of how many people are owed refunds. For instance in Arizona, 24,800 people have potential refunds of $509. That is a total of about $20 million dollars.

Some people feel the taxes withheld from their pay are a ‘savings’ plan. No interest but at least it is there. What they forget is that the IRS keeps the money after 3 years. What if you owe the IRS? Do they forget about it after 3 years? No way.

Many people believe they made low amount of income so they are not required to file. They need to find out if they had taxes withheld. If they qualify for Earned Income Credit, they may be entitled to a larger refund.

There are no late filing penalties if you are due a refund. They will also give you interest on the refund. So why are you still waiting to file?

Some people have lost the W2 and documents they need to do the taxes. What can you do? Call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or for hearing impaired, 1-800-829-4059. Ask for your earnings record for 2009. They will send it to you. If you are at a fax machine, they can fax your record to you.There are forms on Or you can go to a tax pro to get the taxes done. 2009 requires a paper return. Now take charge and get that tax return in the mail by April 15.