As a customer, you deserve the best. We know that. Every year we add features to help you get the most from your return, and this year is no different. Here’s a quick list of the new features for tax season:


Credit Maximizer

With the changes in tax laws, you need a smart way to claim the tax credits and deductions you deserve.  Our Credit Maximizer searches through your return to make sure you have claimed everything to get you the largest return possible, we guarantee it. 


Enhanced Audit Assistance

Sometimes there may be a situation that raises an eyebrow at the IRS.  If you’re flagged for an audit, we’re here for you.  We’ll assist you every step of the way, it’s our commitment to make the process of preparing you taxes as easy as possible!


Five-Year Safe Keeping

One of our most popular customer support topics is accessing prior years’ returns.  Well we’re going to make accessing previous years’ returns that much easier.  We’ll securely store your return for five years from the date you submit.  Access your return my simply logging into your account.


Printed Bound Copies

Some customers prefer to have a paper copy of their return on hand.  Luckily we’re introducing printed and bound copies, just add the option to your cart!


Smart Bundles

We’ve taken our most popular products and created bundles to help save you bundles. Selecting what you need for your return is easier, and you don’t have to worry about the extra things you don’t need. Get value when you bundle added services like Five-Year Safekeeping, Enhanced Audit Assistance, and Printed Bound Copies.


It’s a new tax season, but you can expect the same quality service.  If you know anyone who may need to help this upcoming season, use the share buttons above or below to spread the word.  Don’t be afraid to get social with us using the buttons on the right, following or liking us gets you all sorts of awesome in your timeline or newsfeed all year long!