We understand how frightening it can be to receive a letter in the mail from the IRS. As scary as it is, know that if you filed with eSmart Tax, with our CPA Audit Assistance. Here’s what to do if you receive a letter: 
  • Don’t avoid it! The sooner you open it, the sooner you can contact us with the details of the letter. Know that a letter from the IRS doesn’t always mean something scary. Sometimes, the IRS just needs to ask for more information to clarify something.
  • Contact eSmart Tax within 60 days of receiving the letter by using the Customer Support link in your eSmart Tax account.

We’d like to remind you, as an eSmart Tax customer, you’re entitled to free CPA Audit Assistance. We provide the following support:

  • An explanation about what you can expect during an audit.
  • An explanation of the notice you received.
  • Recommendations on how to prepare for an audit.
  • Assistance with responses on how to communicate with the IRS or State about your tax situation.
  • A thorough review of results after the audit is complete.

eSmart Tax does not provide legal assistance or legal representation.

For more information about eSmart Tax’s CPA Audit Assistance, please click here.