The urge to spend money is everywhere, especially when you’re enjoying your new-found freedom as an adult in your college living arrangements. With limited places to store food (which creates the need for endless dining tabs) big tuition bills, end-of-summer entertainment, and clothing expenses, how can one possibly maintain money-consciousness and explore this freedom while keeping debt from crippling your college experience all at the same time?  eSmart Tax has a few tips that can help.

  1. Do not bring a credit card to college and deny the urge to open a new one at any point in time.
  2. Shop clearance racks, bargain bins, discount stores, consignment shops, and thrift stores for living essentials.
  3. Go on a spending and an eating diet. You’ll spend less by brown bagging it.
  4. Invest in a personal coffee machine instead of buying coffee from the kiosk or cafeteria every chance you get/
  5. Walk or take public transportation anywhere that you need to go.
  6. Pick up a part-time job.