Want to host a Monday Night Football party but afraid of the high expenses that may incur? Curb party bills with these smart tips:

Plan Ahead, Use Coupons, and Shop Sales

Find our when your local grocery store marks down meats for card member customers and shop those discounted meats. Take a look at the flyers for discounted party essentials like chips, dip, disposable plates, cups, napkins, and more. Most importantly, clip coupons from these flyers! Remember that if you can’t get a good discount on plates, cups, and napkins, there’s always the dollar store.

Keep Your Food Costs Down

Open up your home for a potluck and ask attendees to bring a dish. If you cater the party, keep the menu simple. Serve 2-3 bigger foods, a few snacks, and a signature drink. Check out our Pinterest for inexpensive creative recipe ideas..

Don’t go Overboard on Decorations

Cut back on expenses by only purchasing a few items to decorate. Coordinating colors for plates, cups, and napkins may be enough. Get the kids to come up with their own decorations. Use permanent markers and inexpensive table cloths from the dollar store to make your own team banners.

Time for kickoff! Enjoy football season responsibly.