The key to smooth tax preparation is staying organized.  The majority of the time you spend doing your taxes is either waiting for documents to come in or finding documents that you’ve lost.  Here’s a few tips to help you get organized so that you can e-file easily with eSmart Tax:

  • When you receive a tax document in the mail, immediately put it in a safe, secure place with your other related tax documents. 
  • Organize all your receipts in your filing cabinet, closet shoebox organization system, or  for business expenses by tax category (i.e. “home office expenses” or “technology expenses”).  This will make it easy to add up totals and plug in to your tax interview.
  • Keep track of all your charitable donations and contributions that you make throughout the year.  Our Premium product makes it easy with our charitable deductions calculator.
  • Visit the eSmart Tax Getting Organized Guide for more tips this tax season.