Today is the day that Online Health Insurance Marketplaces open, which means anyone that doesn’t currently have insurance can begin shopping for an affordable health care plan that works for your family.

You can also apply for a subsidy to help offset the monthly cost of paying for health insurance premiums.

Other key dates to remember for the Affordable Care Act:


10-1-2013_savedate_1-1-14        The Individual Mandate begins.  You are required to have health insurance by this date.  Depending on your situation, you may have increased access to free or low-cost health care through Medicaid.   Medicaid may now be offered to you if you are under 65 with income less than about $15,302 ($31,155 for a family of four).  If eligible, you will not have to buy a plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace.
 10-1-2013_savedate_3-31-14 This is the very last day of open enrollment for health insurance.   If you do not purchase health insurance during the open enrollment period you will not be able to get health coverage through the Marketplace until the next open enrollment period of which begins in October 2014, unless you have a qualifying life change.