Good news: the IRS’ electronic filing (e-file) is now open to accept your return. This marks the official opening to tax season.


In today’s digital age, the IRS’ free e-file is the primary way to file your tax return. Since its introduction in 1986, the IRS’ free e-file has changed the way taxpayers file their returns. The free e-file process has reduced errors and mistakes by 90%. So there’s no surprise that tax preparers set their calendar by two dates: when the IRS free e-file opens and on April 15th, the last day to file taxes or to file a tax extension.


To celebrate the start of tax season, we have a few helpful reminders to make tax season a breeze:

  • How do I get started?
    We know how stressful taxes can be. If you need help getting everything organized, download our handy, easy-to-use guide here.
  • When will I get my refund?
    Once your return is accepted by the IRS, you can expect to see any refund owed within 21 days. Of course, there are always situations when this may be delayed, and we suggest using the IRS’ Where’s My Refund tool to track the progress of your refund.
  • When is the last day to file my taxes?
    As always, April 15th is the last day to file taxes or file a tax extension. For those who file extensions, returns must be filed by October 15th, 2015.
  • What if I can’t file my taxes by April 15th?
    For those who cannot file their return by the 15th of April, the IRS may allow for an extension to be filed by that date which allows a taxpayer to file by the October 15th. The taxpayer is responsible for filing for an extension by the 15th of April.


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