Are you looking for the best deals or bang for your buck in online tax software? Extra offers and features that are designed to help? Well look no further. We have you covered.


In our continued mission to make preparing your taxes easier, every year we introduce new features and options that add value to our online tax software. With that, we strive to provide options to fit every tax situation. But in some cases, you may decide you want a little more value; so we’ve created the Smart Bundle. This bundle is comprised of the most requested a la carte features we see each tax season.


Enhanced Audit Assistance

Sometimes, there may be a situation that raises an eyebrow at the IRS. If you’re flagged for an audit, we’re here for you. We’ll assist you every step of the way, and help you understand exactly what the IRS is requesting.


Printed Bound Copies

Some customers prefer to have a paper copy of their return on hand. For that reason, we’ll create a handsomely bound copy of your return and send it to you by mail.



You’ve probably found yourself in the situation of searching for a previous year’s return. We’ll securely store your return for five years from the date you submit. Easily access your return by simply logging into your account.


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