It's tax season and your desk is probably piling up with receipts, statements, forms, and miscellaneous mail and documents as you sift through to find out what you need to bring to your Liberty Tax Service office for your tax preparation appointment.  Below is a checklist of documents to bring with you when you visit your local Liberty Tax Service office.

Preparing for your Tax Preparer

  • ALL wage statements/ W-2s: The word ALL can not be stressed enough. Many people think that they do not need to report earnings on W-2 statements if they represent income under a certain amount. This is NOT true. If you have received a W-2, the IRS will also have information regarding that income.
  • 1099 forms: Include all 1099 forms that you receive. Look for forms that report things like: retirement income, self employment income, interest income, unemployment income, income from canceled debt, social security income, state refund income, income from stocks and bonds, etc.
  • Information about earnings from jury duty
  • Documentation about any scholarships you may have received
  • Documentation showing earnings from rentals. This includes real estate rentals as well as other types of property rentals.
  • Documentation showing any gambling or lottery winnings or losses.
  • Information about any alimony that was received or paid throughout the year
  • Information about the sale or purchase of your residence
  • Records about any taxes paid throughout the year. Include state taxes, local taxes, estimated taxes, foreign taxes, and real estate and property taxes.
  • Documentation about your expenses including information about: business expenses, medical and dental expenses, employment expenses that were not reimbursed, educator expenses, college expenses, moving expenses, daycare expenses, etc.
  • If you have made any energy efficient improvements to your home, be sure to bring all relevant information.
  • If you use your home for business, include information about the size of your home, the amount of area you use for business, your home expenses (utility costs, internet costs, mortgage payments, etc)
  • If you use your vehicle for business, include information about mileage, maintenance, and any lease or loan payments.
  • Bring information about your daycare provider. Include their social security number or tax-payer identification number, address, etc.
  • Information about interest you've paid including student loan interest, mortgage interest, etc.
  • Information about charitable contributions including any mileage
  • Social security cards and drivers licenses for yourself and your dependents
  • Birth dates for yourself and all of your dependents
  • Last year's tax returns: Include both federal and state returns.
  • Your current address and telephone number
  • Bank routing numbers and account numbers if you are going to use direct deposit or pay any taxes due electronically
  • Bring anything other documentation that you think could have an impact on your taxes.
  • Review your tax information from last year to help you realize if something is missing this year.

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