Fiscal Cliff Updates – January 2, 2013The Daily Deduction

Details of the American Taxpayer Relief Act

IRS Provides Updated Withholding Guidance for 2013IRS.GOV

After the President signed the American Taxpayer Relief Act into law, the IRS updated their Notice 1036—more popularly known as “the income-tax withholding tables.”

Increased Payroll Taxes Pinch Some Middle-Class Families -

Payroll taxes are reverting to what they were in 2010, meaning most American taxpayers will be missing 2% of their  paychecks.

The Bottom Line: What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Really Means for Taxes and Spending – Forbes

Another perspective on the fiscal cliff, spending, and taxes.

Fiscal cliff deal raises taxes on 77% of Americans – CNN

CNN has an income-based chart that breaks down how much the average American will pay in taxes due to the American Taxpayer Relief Act.