Mekhi Phifer Files For Bankruptcy, Reportedly $1.3 Million In Debt – The Huffington Post

“ER” star, Mekhi Phifer files for bankruptcy after owing $1.2 Million in back taxes with other debts in back child support and lawyer fees.

What You Can Do About Rising Taxes – Inc

If you're running a small business, then brace yourself: Taxes are going up again this year. But there are things you can do about this, if you act now.

But, you say, taxes went up in 2013! And yes, you are right: Medicare, capital gains, dividends and personal rates for many increased.  A new "unearned income" amount was levied on passive earnings like interest or the sale of your primary residence. The ceiling for itemized deductions was raised. This is all true. Unfortunately, there's more coming this year.

Senator Warren’s Plan to Reduce Education Debts: Raise Tax on the Wealthy – Hot Air

The Democrats’ push to hike the national minimum wage is merely the crown jewel in the so-called “fair shot” agenda that they hope will erase ObamaCare from voters’ minds by the time they hit the ballot box this November; the next action item on their intellectually (not to mention fiscally) bankrupt list is a similarly redistributive and equally lame pander to the young people who have lately been electorally shuffling away from them.

Graduation Time: Basketball is More Valuable Than a Bachelor’s Degree? - Breitbart

Do the student-athletes graduating this spring after playing in any of the 351 Division 1 basketball programs have a better chance finding employment in a job related to their major or on a professional basketball team?

Even Millionaires Think The Rich Should Pay Higher Taxes – The Huffington Post

In the heated debate over inequality, the wealthy are usually portrayed as the cause rather than the solution.

But CNBC's first-ever Millionaire Survey reveals that 51 percent of American millionaires believe inequality is a "major problem" for the U.S., and nearly two-thirds support higher taxes on the wealthy and a higher minimum wage as ways to narrow the wealth gap.