Internet sales tax long overdue: Our view – USA Today

Rapid technological change has a way of leaving oddities in its wake. Look no further than the VHS tapes stacked in your closet, or the lonely pay phone at the corner gas station. Or the fact that you pay sales tax on purchases at local stores but not on those at many online retail sites.

Lauryn Hill's Tax-Evasion Sentencing Postponed, Singer Denies Squatting Rumors – E!

Lauryn Hill, who claims she avoided paying taxes for the good of her family, has two more weeks to make good on her outstanding bill with the IRS.

Time to Seek Profit Overseas  - Dana Blankenhorn - The Motley Fool Blog

With the sequester taking a full bite out of the U.S. economy, it's time to look to other countries for profit.

Financial Role Models vs. Money Classes – Consumerism Commentary

Non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses promote financial literacy education as the solution to a society of citizens unskilled with managing their own money. If only we could have mandatory money management classes in high school and earlier, advocates claim, the United States would be a nation of savers, free of most debt other than mortgages, with an emergency fund in every garage.

How to survive a tax audit – CNN Money

Getting audited?  CNN Money covers what to do.  Rest assured, if you filed with eSmart Tax, everything in this article is covered in our complimentary CPA Audit Assistance service.