Apple avoids taxes with ‘complex web’ of offshore entities, Senate inquiry finds – The Washington Post

This week, Apple surfaced in tax news for its practice of avoiding taxes through loopholes in the tax code.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Lawmakers Square Off Over Taxes – WSJ

Apple’s tax strategies came under harsh scrutiny Tuesday in the Senate, where lawmakers are finding it far easier to call for a simpler tax code than to produce one.

Apple’s Taxes Expose the Rotten U.S. Code – Bloomberg

Apple has opened a new front in the battle between corporations that aggressively avoid U.S. taxes and lawmakers who want to collect more of them. In so doing, Apple has made the case for why Congress must update the tax code.

Mary J. Blige Hit With $3.4 Million Tax lien –Huffington Post

Hot topic this week:  Reports about another award-winning star owing millions in back taxes has surfaced.  This time, Mary J. Blige allegedly failed to pay $3.4 Million in income taxes over three years,

Debate Grows Over Big Tech Taxes – InformationWeek

Lawmakers grille Google execs over taxes on profits.