Behind on your taxes? You may lose your driver's license - CNN Money

New York is known as an aggressive state when it comes to tax collection. And it's about to get tougher still.  The state is creating a driver's license suspension program aimed at those who owe at least $10,000 in back taxes and who have exhausted all appeals.

The Curious Case of Property Taxes - U.S. News

Some housing observers expected property tax collections to fall as well, exacerbating budget challenges for state and local governments. But this did not happen. In fact, property tax collections remained fairly stable in the years after the Great Recession, resulting in higher effective tax rates for homeowners and other property owners.

Raising Kids? Your Taxes Are Far Too High - Bloomberg

Not all tax breaks are even tax breaks.  Few economists would defend the tax credit for children, which reformers also sometimes put on the chopping block. Yet it too should be seen not as a break but as another partial corrective to a bias in federal policy -- a bias against the investment we call parenting.

Preserving Farmland to Reduce Taxes - The Wall Street Journal

IRS Eases Up On War Tax Resisters - Forbes

The IRS is easing up a bit on War Tax Resisters.  Unlike other tax protesters, who come up with whacky theories about being “sovereign citizens” or writing “nunc pro tunc” on their returns, War Tax Resisters might prepare their returns as thoroughly as anybody, but refuse to pay all or part of the tax.