Top Three Tax Friendly States for Retirees

A video that presents Kiplinger's top three tax friendly states for retirees.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Snags 72k Shares Of Vested Stock, Eddy Cue Sells 12.4M

Apple executives were granted more than 120k shares of vested stock in transactions that took place last week but were disclosed today. CEO Tim Cook converted 72,877 units of restricted stock that were originally granted on a schedule.

Investors Should Ask Themselves One Question Before They Try To Beat The Indexes

The most important question an investor can ask himself, according to Phil DeMuth is "what is your edge as an investor?" Unlike Warren Buffett, most of us aren't market-beating stock pickers. But by admitting this, investors can have an edges or advantage over other investors.

'Burping' The Infamous 3.8% Medicare Surtax

Are you having a good year? If so, that means the IRS is having a good year too. This is a year when taxes are up, and tax planning is more important than ever.

Honey, I Shrunk the AMT (But It's Not Gone)

The tax act Congress passed early on New Year’s Day permanently patched the alternative minimum tax(AMT) sparing tens of millions of Americans from the additional levy. But it won’t protect everyone. The AMT will continue to raise the taxes of a few million taxpayers each year, often in seemingly capricious ways. And more and more Americans will owe AMT in future years.