4 Incentives Obamacare Provides Small Businesses – The Huffington Post

One of the most prevailing misconceptions about the Affordable Care Act (i.e., "Obamacare") is that it doesn't really impact "small" businesses. While it is true that the dominant provisions of the Affordable Care Act (particularly, the Employer Mandate) apply only to "large" employers with more than 50 employees, there are still several provisions that affect all employers, including small businesses with 50 employees or fewer.

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These tax breaks expire in 2014.  Take advantage of them now before it is too late.

4 Huge ‘Tax’ Increases That Could Affect Your Business - INC

Small-business confidence remains significantly below pre-recession levels. Why? It isn't just the cold winter, the uncertainty, and the sluggish growth.

Ask any of my more than 500 small and midsize clients and one common theme will come up: taxes.

Same-sex couples still face tax nightmares – CNN Money

Married same-sex couples finally have the right to file their federal taxes jointly this year. But for many of those living in states that don't recognize their unions, this will be the most complicated and expensive tax season yet.

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A video where Brendan Conway and Jack Otter discuss the ways to reduce capital gains.