We’re often entertained by “miscellaneous tax deductions” and common tax mistakes, but e-file registration errors are just plain annoying.  Watch for these when you file so you can avoid wasting time and getting your refund fast.


  1. Your Self-Select PIN/AGI does not match the IRS's database.  You are required to enter the exact amount of the AGI from last year's return.  You must contact the  IRS to verify the exact amount if you do not have last year’s tax records in front of you.
  2. Check that you entered your last name, birthday and social security number (SSN) correctly for you, your spouse, and any dependents.
  3. Dependent or taxpayer's SSN is already used in another return. For example, a divorced spouse may have claimed a dependent in his/her return already. Although the spouse may or may not be entitled to claim the dependent, your e-file will not be accepted. If you still want to claim the dependent, you need to file by paper. Expect the IRS to have questions and make sure you can show proof that you are able to claim a qualifying person as a dependent.