Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Navigating Our Straight-Forward Application

Finding your way around eSmart’s unique form-based service is super-easy.

How does the interviewed-based application work? The interview-based application asks you "yes" and "no" questions and provides guidance every step of the way to determine the forms you need and the deductions you qualify for. How do I navigate eSmart? eSmart Tax was designed to be extremely user-friendly. Simply navigate to the homepage, select the tax preparation and filing product for you and begin entering your information. Our online tax preparation software is interview-style with easy "yes" and "no" questions so we'll actually navigate you through completing your tax return. I need to attach a form to the return. How do I find a particular form? By answering our easy "yes" and "no" questions accurately, we'll be able to determine every form you need for your tax return. And don't worry; we'll give you a chance to review your return before you file it!I received several W-2/1099s.  How do I add multiple W-2s or other tax statements? Our easy-to-answer interview questions will prompt you to add all of your W-2s as you are working in our tax preparation program. Can I start my return now and complete it later? Yes, we will automatically save your return for you so you can come back when you have more time to finish completing your tax return. How do I continue from where I left off last time? Once you login to your eSmart Tax account, you will automatically return to the point where you left off during your last login. How do I delete the tax returns in my account? You can delete the tax return by starting at the Welcome Page. From this page, click the Start Over link on the right in the Help Center. This will allow you to delete all of the information you have entered so far. Please, note you cannot delete a return that has already been submitted. How do I sign and submit my return for efile? eSmart Tax uses a 5-digit personal identification number (PIN) that each customer self-selects to use for electronic signatures. Using this PIN will act as an electronic signature and allow you to efile your income tax return. You will also need your PIN or your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from last year's return. If you do not know your prior year PIN or AGI, eSmart Tax can still help you efile. I have already completed my return. How do I submit it for e-file? If you have completed your return and entered your credit card information, our system will offer you to print or view your completed return. Once you have verified all the information is accurate, you will be offered the option to "efile". It's that easy! How do I know I have successfully e-filed my return? Upon successful efile, we will update your status within your account. You will also be notified when the IRS has either accepted or rejected your federal income tax return. I have just submitted my return but found a mistake. What should I do?

Submitting your e-file is basically the same as dropping your return in the mailbox. You can't take it back or change anything while it is processing.

If the IRS or state rejects your return for any reason, you will be able to revise and resubmit your return. If it is accepted by the IRS or state, then you will need to file an amended return to make changes.

Should I mail in my W-2s, 1099s or returns after I e-file?

Once you have e-filed through our website, you do not have to mail any of your tax forms or schedules. Your return and attached forms will be electronically sent to the IRS.

Do not mail out any tax forms or schedules unless you are requested by the IRS or state to do so.

Please continuously check online to view the status of your returns. You will also receive an automatic e-mail once your return is accepted or rejected by the IRS.